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A Mediterranean Culinary Dream

Taste the freshness of the Mediterranean in every bite, while overlooking the mesmerizing Aegean Sea. The cool breeze is fondling your cheeks and the saltiness creates an ethereal ambiance, topped with the finest ingredients matched together in creative recipes. Each dish is a masterpiece of art, complemented by delicious wine from local and international wineries. An experience not to be missed, celebrating the flavors of Greece and the Mediterranean in a modern twist.
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Blue Myth restaurant with its open-air veranda offers a splendid option, when it comes to fine dining with a view. In Mykonos, you are always intrigued to taste the best cuisine and indulge in gastronomic wonders by the sea. Well, at Blue Myth and Thea Restaurants you have the chance to try out amazing dishes of the local and international cuisine. This is an experience you will cherish for a lifetime, especially since it is accompanied by upscale services in a marvelous setting. 

Authentic tastes and stunning views are blended, alongside the distinctive Greek identity of flavors and aromas. You will be able to discover Greek gastronomy at its finest, overwhelmed by the genuine freshness of the fish and seafood, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Ingredients of the finest quality, bursting with taste and character, are combined to perfection in every plate. Are you ready? Bon Appétit!
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